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*NEWS [#g2335757]

- GMV MacOS X binary update (Jul.09, 2008)
- GMV is now capable to show "Rifts" detected by Murasaki 1.33 and later.
- Public release of Murasaki 1.35 (Jul.08, 2008): see [[changelog>http://murasaki.dna.bio.keio.ac.jp/murasaki/changelog]]
- [[GMV]] new version released (Jun.28, 2012)
- Murasaki is published in [[PLoS ONE:http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0012651]] (Sep.24, 2010)
- [[tmurasakix:http://kurigw.ci.seikei.ac.jp/osana/tmurasakix.html]]: an addon tool for Murasaki to compare translated genome sequence. (Sep.11, 2009)
- For the latest changes see the [[changelog>http://murasaki.dna.bio.keio.ac.jp/murasaki/changelog]]

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* Quick Download [#w4e2e847]

Latest Mac binary builds are available here: http://lut.eee.u-ryukyu.ac.jp/project.html.en

If you're new to Murasaki, please check the installation procedures in [[Murasaki]] & [[GMV]] pages!

|~[[Murasaki]] |~[[GMV]] (Mac) |~[[GMV]] (Windows)|
| &getfile(../murasaki/LATEST.tgz); | &getfile(../gmv/gmv.zip); | &getfile(../gmv/gmv.exe); |
| &getfile(../murasaki/LATEST.tgz); | &getfile(../gmv/gmv.zip); | &getfile(../gmv/gmv-win.zip); |

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The Murasaki logo is built out of fonts by the immortal [[Tom Murphy>http://fonts.tom7.com/]].